About Golden Wendy Houses

Golden Wendy Houses is a company which was established in 2006, according to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of Republic of South Africa.
Area of Specialty
The company specializes in manufacturing of quality Wendy houses, granny cottages, servant cottages, storeroom, guard houses, classes and dog kennels of louvre style.

Head office is in KwaZulu Natal (Pietermaritzburg). Other Provinces covered are:- Eastern Cape, Gauteng ( Bronkhorstspruit), Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo.

Our wendy houses varies from Province to Province eg:-
Kwazulu Natal & Eastern Cape- Wendy houses are made out of new pine wood.
Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo- are made out of pallet wood (pine wood).

Below are the sizes and prices of the wendy houses.
NB* They comes with one (1) window
Corrugated iron sheets/galvanized
A door and wooden floor
Treated outside with wax oil
5 year guarantee against leakages
Minimum height 2m and the maximum height depends with the size of the wendy house.
Payment- Cash on Delivery
If a customer orders any size bigger than 20m2 will have to pay deposit of 50% before delivery and installation and balance will be paid on the day of installation.
If a customer need a verandah its extra R800.00
Extra window- its extra charges depends with the size of the window.
Customer has to provide bricks for the installation of the wendy house, eg a 3m x 3m will use forty (40) bricks. The wendy house will be installed on top of the bricks so that if it rainy it won’t affect the wooden floor.
For any size which is bigger than 20m2 e.g 6m x 6m = 36m2, we charge R550.00/m2, it will be R19 800.00
All prices exclude delivery and installation, delivery charges depends on the distance e.g from the Head Office of the Province.
1.5m x 1.5m R3 500.00
2m x 2m R4 000.00
3m x 3m R5 500.00
3m x 4m R6 000.00
4m x 4m R7 800.00
Please note that, we make any size bigger than the stated sizes or even in between sizes e.g 2.9m x 2,3m.

It takes at least two working days to make for the above mentioned before delivery and installation, it can takes three to four working days if the size is bigger than 20m2.

Contact Person Bishop
E-mail address:- warrenljoe@yahoo.com  or info@goldenwendyhouses.co.za
Cell Numbers 27842966229

7 thoughts on “About Golden Wendy Houses

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  2. Yes we do have louvre style doors but we do not have louvre windows, we are going to upload some of the pictures with louvre doors.

    thank you once again

    Warren Joe

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